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Root Canal and Cap
S. Toler
July 6, 2009 2:47 PM
Went in on the 2nd to get a root canal done, and was under the impression that the $1000 price tag for the root canal included the cost of a cap for the tooth since the cap is needed to prevent chipping, infection, and cracking. The root canal itself was only supposed to take 1-1&1/2 hours, but I was there for 3 hours from 9:20am until 12:10-12:15 and was told that they were going to wait to put the cap on since it had taken so long. I called to make the appt. for the cap today (7/06/2009) and was told it was going to cost another $1000 to get the cap, and the adjustments for the filling they put in that is causing severe pain to my upper jaw is going to have to wait until the Dr. is back in the office on the 13th. I believe everything could have been avoided if I had known the total cost and how much pain it was going to cause me upfront. No one at the office told me it was going to cost $2000 for the root canal and the cap nor did they tell me it was going to be such a severe pain nor did they tell me I wasn't going to be able to get adjustments on the filling to avoid further pain to my upper jaw. I can't even eat anything more than yogurt and soups and soft cooked veggies and meats because it hurts to chew.
I understand that there is going to be a little bit of pain, but even the meds they gave me for the pain dont knock it out, it just puts me to sleep. The pain is even affecting my ability to work functionally. when I called the office they told me just to take some ibuprofen...its not doing anything and they wont see what the problem is and wont talk to me about it.
Is this normal practice? Is this a normal reaction?
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Dr. Sue-Ann Choo
July 25, 2009 4:28 AM
Sorry for the late response but due to recent email errors, I'm not receiving notices that a question is posted.

I'm also sorry that you've had a bad experience with the whole root canal procedure, and hopefully, it's been resolved by now.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the practices of other dentists.

Severe pain can be a normal reaction after a root canal treatment. Normally a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds solves the problem, and the tooth settles down after a couple weeks. If you continue to have pain, the tooth may have been cracked and may require extraction.

Hopefully, you're feeling better, and again, my apologies for not responding earlier.

Dr Choo
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